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Plastic Stockist offers clear, opal & bronze cut to size solid Polycarbonate sheets which are as transparent as glass, 200 times stronger and less than half the weight, making it virtually unbreakable. Solid Polycarbonate sheet can be bent hot or cold, fabricated and formed, making it ideal for applications such as architectural roofing, skylights and glazing. The impact resistance of polycarbonate sheet makes them impervious to hammer blows and stones. are ideal for use in areas exposed to vandalism and in cases of high impact. The excellent properties of polycarbonate , qualifies them as the best existing safety glazing material in the world,  buy cut to size polycarbonate sheets now in clear, opal or bronze finish with fast delivery.

Common uses for Polycarbonate Sheet

Palsun Plus polycarbonate sheet possesses a co-extruded UV protective layer on both sides, this dramatically improves their UV resistance and other properties for outdoor applications, retaining their characteristics for years under all conditions. Palsun polycarbonate will also protect your family or clients from exposure to solar radiation. Our solid polycarbonate sheets are commonly used in glazing applications such as safety glazing, or secondary glazing where glass is not an option.