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Palopaque: Wall Cladding | Plastic Stockist

Plastic Stockist offers a large selection of Palopaque. Palopaque is a flat UV-stabilised PVC sheet used in wall cladding applications. Palopaque offers exceptional resistance to chemical substances, moisture, stains and spills, which compliment its aesthetic looks and easy maintenance.

Palopaque HYG has all of the advantages of Palopaque, but also includes innovative HYG technology which sets a higher standard for hygienic wall cladding and facilitates high levels of sanitation. Breakthrough HYG products incorporate silver ions, a natural antimicrobial agent with proven biocidal behaviour that highly inhibits microbe reproduction. Palopaque HYG products bring active microbe elimination to a whole range of applications, taking hygienic care one step further.

Palopaque SF has a built-in mechanism that prevents static electricity build up. By reducing the electric charge generation on the sheet's surface, Palopaque SF avoids partical attraction and electrostatic discharge towards the human body and equipment.

Palopaque HYG and Palopaque SF are specialist ranges, please contact our sales office for more information.

Common uses for Palopaque PVC Sheets

Palopaque offers many mechanical and aesthetic benefits that make it a leading panel for wall cladding solutions. Palopaque is easily formd and fabricated, and is ideal for a wide variety of applications. Palopaque makes an excellent printing substrate, and with its high chemical resistance is highly suitable for industrial applications. Palopaque HYG is often used in hospitals, clinics and pharmaceutical environments due to silver ions being uniformly distributed throughout the panel killing or inhibiting the growth of all the pathogens tested to date. Palopaque SF preserves all of the benefits of the standard Palopaque as well as offering greater effifiency in achieving static free areas for industry and healthcare, including anti-static wall cladding, door skins and machine covers.