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Acrylic Mirror: Mirror Cut to Size | Plastic Stockist

Plastic Stockist has an excellent range of acrylic mirror sheet , which is offered with the industries toughest, most durable backing, and also offers impact strength of approximately 17 times greater than standard glass mirror guaranteeing the highest quality mirror finish. Acrylic mirror has excellent reflective properties, however it is not as rigid as glass and is therefore prone to minor distortions when using larger panels. We suggest that the acrylic mirror is bonded to a flat rigid back panel such as MDF to minimise the distortion and our Mirror mate adhesive is recommended. Because of its impact and shatter resistance Acrylic mirror is ideal for children's toys and cosmetic displays and any other environment where safety is paramount. Our selection of acrylic mirror offers over 17 vibrant colours to choose from, including the popular silver finish.

Common uses for Acrylic Mirror

Acrylic mirrors can be used for a number of applications including slatwalls, point of purchase displays, children's toys, cosmetic displays, and in the food service industry. Acrylic mirror is a very versatile plastic that is available in custom sizes upon request.