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Glazing Plastics: Polycarbonate Sheet, Acrylic Sheet & PETG Sheet | Plastic Stockist

Plastic Stockist provides an excellent range of glazing plastics which are an excellent glass replacement. Clear acrylic sheets , in cast or extruded, are ideal glazing plastics with 92% visible light transmission which is better than glass. Safety first, standard Perspex acrylic sheets are 5 times stronger than float glass and half the weight. Alternatively, Glass look Perspex acrylic sheet is available to offer designers all the benefits of cast acrylic whilst giving the appearance of glass.

Common uses for Glazing Plastic

Glazing plastics can be used as an alternative to glass. Offering a higher light transmission and being 5 times stronger than glass, Perspex acrylic sheets are the obvious choice for safety glazing, secondary glazing and as a glass replacement. If more strength is required, Polycarbonate sheets offer 250 times more resistance to impacts making it virtually unbreakable, while still delivering the transparency of glass. The third glazing plastic is PETG sheets, offering good chemical resistance and suited to outdoor uses such as bus shelters, signage and machine guards.