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Engineering Plastics - Advanced: Ketron Peek, Fluorosint & Torlon | Plastic Stockist

Plastic Stockist offers an excellent selection of advanced plastics specifically developed for applications in advanced manufacturing industries such as pharmaceutical and aerospace. The excellent properties of advanced plastics means they are ideal for use in tough, stringent environments where high temperature performances are critical. Our advanced plastics come with global quality standards guaranteed and a reputation for material excellence. View our full selection of advanced plastics and buy online today.

Common uses for Advanced Plastics

Duratron PBI and Duratron PAI (previously known as Celazole PBI and Torlon PAI) offer extreme temperature resistance of up to 310°C continuously, and will perform where other engineering plastics will fail. Duratron PBI and Duratron PAI are suitable for structural, friction, and wear applications and at extreme temperatures.

Ketron Peek , Techtron HPV PPS, Fluorosint and Symalit PVDF are semi-crystalline advanced plastics. They typically offer a combination of excellent chemical resistance and mechanical strength, as well as high temperature resistance. Semi-crystalline advanced plastics are often used in structural, friction and wear applications.

Amorphous advanced plastics such as PPSU, Duratron PEI and PSU offer outstanding retention of their mechanical properties up to the glass transition temperature and also have excellent electrical properties. These materials are food contact compliant and resistant to hot water and steam so they offer great possibilities for structural parts in medical, pharmaceutical and dairy industries.