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Corrugated Plastic: Fluted Polypropylene Sheet | Plastic Stockist

Plastic Stockist offers a superb range of fluted polypropylene sheet , used extensively in packaging and advertising. Fluted polypropylene is a lightweight corrugated plastic and is waterproof as well as being approved for food packaging and is fully recyclable. Our standard grade of fluted polypropylene or Correx has a fine flute and is 4mm thick / 700gsm weight and is available in a selection of colours. Correx provides excellent durability in outdoor applications and remains usable at low temperatures, fluted polypropylene also has excellent chemical resistance and good fatigue resistance with very low water absorption, and it is easy to thermoform and can be fabricated and welded.

Common uses for Fluted Polypropylene Sheet

Economical in price and lightweight properties allows our corrugated plastic, fluted polypropylene sheets to be used in a wide range of packaging applications for the pharmaceutical and drinks industries. Our flat panels can be easily converted into folding boxes and bins for storage, making fluted polypropylene an excellent, reusable packaging solution. Corrugated plastic such as fluted polypropylene is also used for short term sign boards and display panels such as estate agents 'for sale' signs.