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PSU 1000 | Plastic Stockist

Plastic Stockist offers an excellent range of PSU 1000 advanced plastic, which is a translucent (non-optical quality) amorphous thermoplastic material, offering a combination of excellent mechanical, thermal and electrical properties. It often replaces polycarbonate whenever higher temperature resistance, improved chemical resistance or autoclavability is required.

PSU 1000 is commonly used in food processing equipment (milk machines, pumps, valves, filtration plates, heat exchangers), for analytical instrumentation and all kinds of components which are subjected to repeated cleaning and sterilisation.

Common uses for PSU 1000

PSU 1000 is now commonly used for medical carrier parts as cleaning aluminium parts were becoming tedious and costly. Parts fabricated from PSU 1000 easily replaced ineffective aluminium. The PSU 1000 parts were able to be steam cleaned and more easily dealt with laboratory chemicals and radiation.

PSU 1000 is also used for dialysis equipment as smaller and lighter equipment is being requested from medical device designers. PSU 1000 replaced the stainless steel parts used on early designs. PSU 1000 is nearly 7 times lighter than stainless steel. PSU 1000 plastic material easily withstands repeated autoclave cycles.