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Prismatic Perspex: Perspex Sheet | Plastic Stockist

Plastic Stockist offers a selection of highly textured acrylic prismatic perspex panels with with custom size options available. The K12 prismatic acrylic sheet is a standard economical lighting diffuser panel that offers maximum efficiency and good brightness control making the K12 prismatic, one of the most established products for the control of glare and diffusion in fluorescent light fittings, whilst providing an attractive appearance.  The Perspex® Pyramid is a clear acrylic sheet with a bold and highly textured surface, this light weight textured panel offers good resistance to impact (stronger than the K12) and offers excellent resistance to outdoor weathering too. 

Common uses for Clear Prismatic Textured Acrylic Sheet

K12 Prismatic panels are used as light diffusers in areas such as offices, retail stores, school, hospitals and waiting areas.  Perspex® Pyramid panels can be used in many different applications and is perfect for decorative obsured glazing for creating privacy for home or office environments.  This eye-catching textured acrylic panel is perfect for  point of sale and in-store displays and lighting installations for the retail environment.