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Engraving Laminate: Traffolyte Engraving Material | Plastic Stockist

Plastic Stockist offers a fantastic selection of engraving laminate in an extensive colour range. Consisting of 3 or 5 layers of opaque coloured plastic sheet permanently bonded together to give an engraved finish each time. When engraved, our Traffolyte material gives the effect of a two tone material allowing the underneath colour detail to show through. Our engraving laminate gives a durable, high quality finish and due to it being naturally hard wearing no further surface protection is required. Engraving laminate is also resistant to water and oxidization and is very difficult to ignite.  Our Hard Engraving Laminate can be drilled, sawn, rotary engraved and laser engraved but not suitable for LASER CUTTING.  Traditional rotary engraving methods and rotary machine is best suited for processing this engraving laminate.

Common uses for Engraving Laminate

Our engraving laminate is ideal for producing identification tags and labels as well as caution signs, custom signs, danger signs, decorative signs, general signs, protection signs and regulation signs.