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Stokbord Recycled Plastic Sheet

Plastic Stockist now offer Stokbord Recycled Plastic Sheet with embossed finish, available to buy online now.  Stokbord is an extremely versatile material made from 100% recycled plastic and can be easily fabricated into shapes; welding, routing, cutting and bonding. Stokbord is also referred to as Stockboard or Stock board and used in a wide variety of applications, replacing traditional materials such as timber, plywood and concrete.   Stokbord embossed sheet is made from low density polyethylene, it is steam cleanable, non absorbent and maintenance free as it does not require painting; extremely useful properties, hence why Stokbord is used so extensively in agriculture and equestrian applications.  Stokboard is tough, durable and maintenance free, rot proof and long lasting too making it extremely good value for this general purpose recycled plastic sheet.

Common uses for Stokbord Recycled Plastic Sheet

Stokbord Recycled Plastic Sheet is used extensively in agriculture and equestrian applications for example; sheep and pig pens, poultry housings cattle races, gates and fencing, floor, wall cladding and stable lining.  Stokbord is used in many construction appllications too, such as fencing and barriers, cable, ground and pipe protection, protective packaging, containers, temporary flooring and walkways and many other bespoke applications.  Stokbord is a general purpose plastic sheeting for many applications and this 100% recycled plastic sheet offers fantastic value.