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Tufnol: 1P13 Tufnol, Carp Tufnol, Kite Tufnol & Whale Tufnol | Plastic Stockist

Plastic Stockist offers a wide selection of Tufnol laminated engineering plastics at fantastic prices. There are over 40 different grades of Tufnol laminates that include laminates reinforced with paper, cotton, and glass fibres. These Tufnol plastic laminates can be bonded with phenolic, epoxy, silicone or polyamide resins. Tufnol components offer good service under a very wide range of operating conditions including continuous temperatures from cryogenic levels to well over 100°C. Tufnol is also useful in a variety of situations where resistance to corrosion is needed.

Common uses for Tufnol

Tufnol plastic laminates can be used for a number of engineering applications and there are many grades of Tufnol laminates to suit different requirements. Kite Brand Tufnol is used as an electrical insulating material, 1P13 Grade Tufnol is an economical option made from paper, Carp Brand Tufnol is used for mechanical and electromechanical applications, and Whale Brand Tufnol is a good general purpose grade.