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Acetal & Delrin | Plastic Stockist

Plastic Stockist provides a great range of acetal and delrin engineering grade plastic at fantastic prices. Acetal available in natural or black, is well suited for machining on automatic lathes and is particularly recommended for mechanical precision parts. Acetal copolymer is more resistant against hydrolysis, strong alkalis and thermal-oxidative degradation than the acetal homopolymer. The latter, however, has higher, mechanical strength, stiffness, hardness and creep resistance as well as a lower thermal expansion rate. We offer sheets/plates in a thickness of 1-120mm, and rods with a diameter of 5-400mm.

Common uses for Acetal / Delrin

Acetal is commonly used for gear wheels, cams, heavy load bearings and rollers, valve seats, snapfit assemblies and precision parts. This plastic has low moisture sensitivity, good fatigue life and high resistance to solvents and chemicals.

Delrin is used for gear wheels, cams, bearings, rollers, precision parts and electrical insulators. This plastic has good fatigue life, high resistance to solvents and chemicals and low moisture sensitivity.