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Engineering Plastics - General: Nylon, Nylatron, Acetal & Delrin | Plastic Stockist

Plastic Stockist provides a fantastic range of engineering plastics to suit many manufacturing applications. Our selection includes Nylon , Acetal & Delrin , Nylatron and Tufnol materials. We are partners with Quadrant EPP, the industry leading manufacturer of engineering plastics. This means that all of the engineering materials that we supply are of the highest quality. Engineering plastics have many unique properties including good wear resistance, high temperature resistance, some are suitable for use in food industries and others are self lubricating meaning less maintenance. View our full selection of engineering plastics and buy online today!

Common uses for Engineering Plastics

Engineering plastics are an effective replacement for metal parts in manufacturing processes. Engineering plastics are replacing metal parts because engineering plastics weigh less than its metal counterpart, engineering plastics also offer good wear, corrosion and chemical resistant properties as well as offering electrical and thermal insulation. Lastly, engineering plastics are more cost effective than metal engineering parts.