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Techtron HPV PPS | Plastic Stockist

Plastic Stockist provides a fantastic selection of Techtron HPV PPS . This plastic is a reinforced, internally lubricated semi-crystalline polymer which was developed to close the gap both in performance and price between the standard thermoplastic materials (e.g. PA, POM, PET) and the high end advanced engineering plastics (e.g. PBI, PI, PAI, PEEK).

Techtron HPV PPS demonstrates an excellent combination of properties including wear resistance, load-bearing capabilities and dimensional stability when exposed to chemicals and high temperature environments. Thanks to the uniformly dispersed internal lubricant, it exhibits excellent wear resistance and a low coefficient of friction. Techtron HPV PPS can be used in all kinds of industrial equipment such as industrial drying and food processing ovens (bearing, roller etc), chemical process equipment (pump, valve & compressor components) and electrical insulating systems.

Common uses for Techtron HPV PPS

A manufacturer of food processing equipment needed a material that could withstand aggressive wash down cycles and perform without lubrication. The solution was to use Techtron HPV PPS as a bearing in this new unit that offered a more compact, less complicated design that was capable of higher speed and greater output.

A packager needed a mould to form the paper box in its equipment for liquids. Techtron HPV PPS was chosen for the paper box packaging mould due to its better wear resistance over PEEK or aluminium. The plastic has excellent dimensional stability under load, with no moisture pickup and a low coefficient of linear thermal expansion. The benefits include reduced maintenance costs, no corrosion problems, low weight and in-use noise level, increased hygiene.