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Duratron PEI 1000 | Plastic Stockist

Duratron U1000 PEI is an amber translucent (non-optical quality) amorphous thermoplastics material, offering high strength and heat resistance. It performs continuously to 170°C, making it ideal for high strength / high heat applications, and also for applications requiring consistent dielectric properties over a wide frequency and temperature range.

Duratron U1000 PEI is extremely suitable for electrical / electronic insulators (including many semiconductor process components) and a variety of structural components requiring high strength and rigidity at elevated temperatures. Thanks to its good hydrolysis resistance, Duratron U1000 PEI is capable of withstanding repeated autoclaving cycles.

Common uses for Duratron U1000 PEI

Costly, brittle ceramics were constantly being broken during installation of microwave communication insulators so durable Duratron U1000 PEI was easily machined into the parts required. This material has a drastically greater impact resistance than the original ceramic and shows excellent dielectric properties.

In ultrasonic scanning equipment, a Duratron U1000 PEI plastic support is used to hold the piezo crystals and to guide the ultrasonic sound into the tested material. For the scanning of warm surfaces, standard plastics grades became too soft and sticky. High temperature resistant Duratron U1000 PEI withstands these temperatures and is transparent to ultrasonic waves.