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Acrylic Tube: Clear Acrylic Tube | Plastic Stockist

Plastic Stockist has a fantastic range of acrylic tube available in both cast and extruded. The types of extruded acrylic tube that we offer are clear small bore tube, clear acrylic tube and satin acrylic tube. We also offer cast acrylic tube, available in clear, 2.5m series and rapid cast clear tube. Cast acrylic tube is better suited for machining and polishing while extruded acrylic tube is more suited to applications where little or no processing is required.

Common uses for Acrylic Tube

Extruded acrylic tube uses include point of sale displays and decorative furniture pieces, whereas cast acrylic tube is widely used in food processing industries as well as in oil, gas and pipeline research, fabrication work, signs, displays and precision engineering. Satin acrylic tube is used for fluorescent glow tubes in light fittings for supermarkets and car parks.