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Plastic Adhesives | Plastic Stockist

Plastic Stockist offers a fantastic selection of plastic adhesives so you can say goodbye to nails. We provide the popular Instant Nails which is a high strength solvent free gap filling adhesive that provides a quick fix for home improvement applications both internally and externally. We also offer One Strike ready-mixed lightweight filler, for the preparation of numerous surfaces prior to painting or wallpaper. Superglue is also available.

Common uses for Plastic Adhesives

Instant Nails adhesive is commonly used in the home to bond decorative rails, dado rails, decorative cladding, architraves, batterns and skirting. It can also be used as a nail replacement to bond carpet gripper systems to most floors. Industrial uses include securing aluminium skin panels to the framework or portable industrial buildings or caravans. It can bond many other materials including wood, metal, PVC, most plastics, glass, aluminium, concrete, render, stone, paper, cork, ceramics, plastic and plasterboard, rockwool, pufoam board, styrofoam and breezeblock, to name just a few!

One Strike filler is used to fill deep holes and cracks. Surfaces that One Strike filler can be used on include brickwork, stone, concrete, plaster and wood.