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Royal Perspex Sheet

Plastic Stockist of Bay Plastics are now offering the exciting selection Perspex® Royals acrylic sheet is a single sided product which offers a luxury silk texture finish and metallic shimmer, all colours exhibit a chromatic effect, producing a colour shift across the surface as the viewing angle changes.  Royal Flush of six majestic colours available to choose from specifically developed with the retail industry in mind to add luxury and prestige to product displays.

Perspex® Royals has a single sided surface effect on the showface.   The beauty of the Perspex® Royals effect is due to the nature of the pigments used reflecting light in a number of directions. Some variation in natural or perceived colour will occur. This natural variation will also provide a directional effect.   Adjoining samples should therefore be cut in the same plane. This exciting new acrylic Perspex colour range are now available to purchase online with cut to size options available and comes with the Perspex 10 year outdoor guarantee and 100% recyclable.

Common uses for Perspex Royal

Perspex Royal acrylic sheets are designed specifically for the retail market, for point of sale displays, interior design, shop fitting and furniture.