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LED Optmised Perspex Sheet | Plastic Stockist

Spectrum LED Perspex sheets enable sign makers, specifiers and designers to enjoy the benefits of LEDs and create elegant solutions that are eco-efficient, whilst enhancing intensity and colour.

The Spectrum LED range created by Perspex offers bold intense colour in daylight and when illuminated as well as offering even illumination due to its excellent diffusing power. These perspex sheets also offer flexibility, meaning although the sheets are designed for LEDs, they can also be used with alternative light sources.

Perspex Spectrum LED is available in 11 popular colours, if you do not see your colour listed above, please contact our sales office on 0191 2580777 for further information.

Common uses for LED Optimised Perspex Sheet

Perspex Spectrum LED sheets can be used for other illumination applications in addition to signs such as product displays, directional systems and architectural design.