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PTFE: PTFE Sheet & PTFE Rod | Plastic Stockist

Plastic Stockist provides a great selection of PTFE sheet and PTFE rods in virgin grade with exceptional properties. This fluorocarbon polymer based material is known as PolyTetraFluoroEthylene and abbreviated PTFE for short. This plastic provides outstanding chemical resistance and processes a high inertness towards nearly all known chemicals. PTFE has a continuous service temperature of up to 250°C and even higher temperatures for limited periods. The lower service temperature is just as impressive offering satisfactory performance at temperatures below - 200°C.

PTFE offers excellent thermal and electrical insulation properties, self-lubricating with low coefficient of friction makes PTFE ideally suited for the production of high temperature bearings seals. PTFE mechanical properties are considered low compared to other plastic materials but this can be enhanced by adding fillers such as graphite, glass and carbon. PTFE also has low moisture absorption, low compressive & tensile strength. PTFE virgin grade is FDA approved.

Common uses for PTFE

PTFE is ideally suited for the production of high temperature bearings seals and insulators used in the aerospace, semiconductors, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and chemical processing industries. PTFE can be used for friction pads, bearings and rollers. PTFE virgin grade is food approved and often used in food processing applications for parts that experience high temperatures.