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Acrylic Sheet: Perspex Sheet | Plastic Stockist

Plastic Stockist offers an excellent selection of acrylic sheets in a wide variety of colours and effects for all of your plastic needs. Acrylic sheet is a versatile plastic material that has many benefits in DIY applications. Acrylic sheet is an excellent glass replacement due to acrylic sheets being safer and 5 times stronger than glass as well as being durable and resistant to all chemicals. Light transmission does not suffer when replacing glass with acrylic as it transmits 92% of all visible light offering maximum optical clarity. Plastic Stockist ensure quality by only offering the industry leading brand of acrylic, Perspex is available in over 80 eye catching colours and comes with a 10 year guarantee. Our acrylic sheet guarantee guards against weathering and outdoor performance giving you confidence in the material you purchase.

Common uses for Acrylic Sheet

Acrylic sheet is an ideal glass replacement and is often used in glazing applications such as safety glazing, secure glazing, secondary glazing and boat windows. With a huge range of colours available, acrylic sheets can also be used to create unique designs, signage, displays and even acrylic furniture and acrylic splashbacks. Many other uses for acrylic sheet include poster framing, model making and machine guards.

Special grades of acrylic sheet have also been developed, such as the UV acrylic, or sunbed grade acrylic that transmits UV rays making it perfect for use in sun rooms, sunbeds and reptile tanks. Lastly, acrylic sheets can be thermoformed and fabricated into specialist shapes, ideal for DIY applications around the home.