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Pearlescent Perspex: Perspex Sheet | Plastic Stockist

Plastic Stockist provides a fantastic selection of pearlescent perspex sheet, available in 5 amazing colours and with an exciting surface finish, Pearl, Azure, Candy, Caramel Gold and Platinum all offer a soft shimmering lustre. Pearlescent perspex is a single sided product that uses light and shade to good effect as the light is reflected from the surface at different angles due to the orientation of the metallic flakes. Perspex pearlescent has been specifically created to offer an attractive new effect to designers and offers even more choice in today's contemporary retail environment.

Common uses for Pearlescent Perspex Sheet

Pearlescent perspex is commonly used in point of sale displays, visual communications and other areas of design such as furniture and interiors. Pearlescent can also provide exciting and unusual variations during bending or thermoforming and can be even further enhanced by subtle changes in light source and direction.