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Quadrant PPSU 1000 | Plastic Stockist

Plastic Stockist offers a fantastic range of Quadrant PPSU 1000 advanced rods for the best in amorphous high performance thermoplastics. PPSU 1000 offers superior hydrolysis resistance making it suited for repeated steam sterilisation applications, and it has a high service temperature of 180°C, high stiffness and dimensional stability, very good resistance against high energy radiation and good electrical insulation and dialectric properties. Quadrant PPSU 1000 rods are available in black.

Common uses for Quadrant PPSU 1000 Rod

Quadrant PPSU 1000 rod is generally used as a sterilised material for trays, dental and surgical instruments handles, fluid handling couplings and fitting applications. PPSU 1000 rod is suitable for electronic assembly equipment and devices that must resist solder temperatures.