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Plastic Stockist are offering PETG sheets online with fast delivery.  Clear PETG sheet ranging from 0.5mm to 8mm material thickness available to buy online now.  Clear PETG co-polyester used as an alternative to polycarbonate, acrylic and PVC sheets.  PETG are lightweight and offers outstanding optical clarity with excellent impact resistance.  Ideal for glazing applications, for example. poster framing, machine guards, office partitions and protection screens.

PETG sheet offers superior chemical resistance and ideal for industrial and commercial applications. Cleaning agents and many other chemicals will not harm the plastic.  PETG is ideal for products that requires regular cleaning in busy retail stores e.g. poster covers and point of sale displays.

PETG is also known as "Glycol modified Polyethylene Terephthalate".  PETG can be thermoformed, or vacuum formed without pre-drying process.  The key benefits with PETG are not crystallizing during the heating process. This provides faster cycle times and low shrinkage after forming. PETG is also ideal for cold bending applications such as cycle and smoking shelters.

PETG allow designers to be creative and the ability to produce intricate parts. PETG offers excellent solutions for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications. PETG is suitable for vinyl, digital and screen-printing application.

Another key factor in making PETG the material of choice is 100% recyclable. 


Common uses for PETG Sheet

High transparency and maintains exceptional clarity during fabrication, heating, and forming process. PETg sheet is a popular alternative to polycarbonate, acrylic and PVC sheets.  PETG sheet are easy to print, making it ideal for the advertising and signage industry. PETG is a very versatile material with many applications, for example. glazing, sign making, displays and protective screens.

The key benefits for PETG are the ease of fabrication and thermoforming properties. Ideal for vacuum formed industrial trays and Point of Sale displays.

PETG sheet can fabricated using the following techniques: -

  • vacuum forming
  • drilling
  • milling
  • guillotining
  • routing
  • laser cutting
  • welded
  • die-punched
  • hot and cold line bending
  • and can be easily bonded.