Bend it Shape it, Plastics Fabrication

Providing our clients with the complete Plastics Fabrication Service, the truly One Stop Plastic shop.

Exceptional service at competitive prices and the ability to meet customers demands with a rapid turnaround.

Plastic Shaping. Bending, Drilling, Polishing and Bonding services are available with a fast lead time. From rounded corners, radius corners or removing sharp edges to more complex machining, we can help.

  • Acrylic Fabrication Specialist
  • Commercial Plastic Fabrication
  • Industrial Plastic Fabrication
  • Concept Designs to Prototype to full Production
Bendit Shape it

Please click on the link, Plastic Fabrication to obtain further information on all our fabrication services and our products photo gallery.
Please contact us via phone 0191 2580777 or e-mail with your plastic fabrication requirements.

The Bend It Shape It Company, Bisico and Tecform are part of Bay Plastics Fabrication.