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1P/13 Tufnol Sheet | Plastic Stockist

IP13 Tufnol is used for many electrical components where low voltage insulation is required. In addition, the low cost and all round properties of Grade 1P/13 Tufnol make it a popular choice for many less-demanding mechanical duties. Consequently, it is used for a multitude of different engineering parts, such as spacers, base plates, side plates and simple jigs and fixtures, in addition to the usual range of electrical insulation components.

Common uses for 1P13 Tufnol Sheet

Tufnol Grade 1P/13 is a low cost commercial paper based laminate where electrical requirements are moderate. This grade has a higher mechanical strength than the other grades in our phenolic paper range and greater impact strength. It can be machined readily and components can be hot punched in thickness up to 3.2mm.