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Delrin Sheet | Plastic Stockist

Delrin Sheet is an engineering grade plastic with good fatigue life, high resistance to solvents and chemicals, but low moisture sensitivity. Delrin Sheet is a semi crystalline plastic that benefits engineering applications and is suited to CNC machining.

Common uses for Delrin Sheet (POM-H)

Delrin Sheet is used for gear wheels, cams, bearings, rollers, precision parts and electrical insulators.

Delrin Worm Gears

Vegetables are placed on a metal grid that advances through a freeze tunnel. This grid is supported and driven by stainless steel sprockets which are mounted on metal shafts. On one side of the tunnel, these shafts are driven by a worm wheel combination. The worm wheels are made of Delrin Sheet because of its high impact strength at -40 degrees celcius and also its fatigue resistance. This meant lower overall cost and increased productivity because of less downtime.