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Ertalyte (PET) Sheet | Plastic Stockist


Plastic Stockist offers a superb selection of Ertalyte (PET-P) Plastic Sheet from the leading industry manufacturer, and at fantastic prices. We provide Ertalyte (PETP) in natural-white or black, and Ertalyte TX (PET-P plus solid lubricant) in pale grey, for all your plastic needs.


The specific properties of this virgin crystalline PET-P makes it especially suitable for the manufacture of mechanical precision parts which have to sustain high loads and/or are subject to wear. Ertalyte TX is a polyethylene terephthalate compound incorporating a uniformly dispersed solid lubricant. Its specific formulation makes it a premium lubricated bearing grade. Ertalyte TX not only has an outstanding wear resistance, but offers in comparison with Eryalyte an even lower coefficient of friction as well as higher pressure-velocity capabilities.


Common uses for Ertalyte (PET) Sheet


Ertalyte is used in bakery machines for dough portioning moulds and ejector pistons and Ertalyte TX is commonly used in square piston applications. Ertalyte has excellent wear resistance assuring a constant weight of the dough portions, shows good release properties and high dimensional stabiliy (hardly any moisture absorption). Ertalyte TX is selected because of its excellent wear resistance, sliding and release properties, dimensional stability (no jamming of the piston) and its food contact compliant composition.