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Glass Filled Nylon 66 Sheet | Plastic Stockist


Plastic Stockist has a superb range of Nylon 66 glass filled sheet available at fantastic prices. Nylon 66-GF30 (black) compared with virgin Nylon 66 cast, this is 30% glass fibre reinforced and heat stabilised nylon grade offers increased strength, stiffness, creep resistance, and dimensional stability whilst retaining an excellent wear resistance. It also allows higher maximin service temperatures. We offer the plate with a thickness of 10mm - 100mm. Custom sizes are available.

Common uses for Nylon 66 Glass Filled Sheet

In electrical switch-cupboards the temperature can rise up to 100°C. To protect the box against short-circuit, plastic washers are required. At higher temperatures, however, unreinforced plastics become more sensitive to creep. In order to minimise creep, the solution was to use insulating washers made of Nylon 66 - GF30 (Ertalon 66-GF30) which, due to its glass fibre reinforcement, loses less of its stiffness and creep resistance at elevated temperatures. The benefits are good retention of mechanical properties at elevated temperatures in combinations with good electrical insulating properties.