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HMWPE sheet: Polyethylene Sheet | Plastic Stockist

Plastic Stockist provides a great range of HMWPE sheet with custom size service available. High Molecular Weight Polyethylene , is known as HMWPE for short or PE500 due to its molecular weight structure. HMWPE sheets has good properties in stiffness, toughness, wear resistance and mechanical dampening ability. HMWPE has FDA food approval and low water absorption properties, which makes this an ideal plastic for the food and leisure industry. This versatile and tough plastic is mainly available in a natural and black finish, although Yellow, Red, Green and Blue are also available in limited thicknesses.

Common uses for HMWPE Sheet (PE 500)

HMWPE sheet is used extensively in the food and leisure industry. This PE500 grade polyethylene has FDA food approval and low water absorption, making this tough plastic material ideal for cutting boards. The variety of colours available for HMWPE means that different coloured cutting boards can be used to cut different types of food. HMWPE is also used for conveyor machinery applications because of its excellent wear propeties.