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Nylon 66 Sheet | Plastic Stockist


Plastic Stockist offers a fantastic range of Nylon 66 Sheet with a higher mechanical strength and wear resistance. This material is available in natural and black and in sheet/plate form. Plates come with a thickness of 1mm - 60mm.


Nylon 66 is a material with a higher mechanical strength, stiffness, heat and wear resistance than Nylon 6. It also has a better creep resistance but its impact strength and mechanical damping ability are reduced. Well suited for machining on automatic lathes.


Common uses for Nylon 66 Sheet


Nylon 66 Sheet is used in special wine-grape harvesting machines which shakes the grapes from the vines. The grapes fall down and are collected in baskets fixed to a rotating chain which transports them to a large container at the back of the machine.


Plastic shaking rods made from Nylon 66 are used to remove the grapes from the vines. The benefits are that Nylon 66 Sheet are kind towards the grapevines. It offers excellent fatigue resistance combined with high mechanical strength and excellent wear and abrasion resistance.