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Oil Filled Nylon Sheet | Plastic Stockist


Plastic Stockist has a great range of Oil Filled Nylon (Ertalon LFX) which is used when a self-lubricating part is needed. Ertalon LFX is a cast nylon 6 that is internally lubricated and self-lubricating. Designed for un-lubricated, highly loaded and slow moving parts applications, Ertalon LFX yields a considerable enlargement of the application opportunities compared to standard cast nylons. This material offers up to 50% lower coefficient of friction, considerably increasing the pressures-velocity capabilities, and Ertalon LFX has vastly improved wear resistance (up to 10 times better). Oil filled nylon is available in plates with a thickness of 10mm - 100mm.

Common uses for Oil Filled Nylon Sheet


Oil Filled Nylon can be used in any engineering application where a self-lubricating part is needed. This is nylon that is blended with a none-drying out lubricant to increase sliding benefits. Oil filled nylon is commonly used in heavy load applications and bearings.