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Polyethylene Sheet: HDPE, HMWPE & UHMWPE | Plastic Stockist


Plastic Stockist has a fantastic selection of high density polyethylene sheet which is available in three grades depending on the molecular weight. We offer HDPE (PE300), HMWPE (PE500) & UHMWPE (PE1000).


HDPE has excellent impact strength even at temperatures as low as 30°C, used in tank and container building. HMWPE exhibits a good combination on stiffness, toughness, mechanical dampening ability with wear resistance and can be easily welded. Used mainly in the food and leisure industry. UHMWPE has excellent sliding properties, high wear resistance and outstanding impact strength even at temperatures below -200°C.



Common uses for Polyethylene Sheet


High Density Polyethylene can be used for many engineering purposes. The 3 grades of Polyethylene HDPE (PE300), HMWPE (PE500) and UHMWPE (PE1000) can be used for building tanks and containers due to its excellent impact strength at low temperatures. HWMPE grade high density polyethylene is used in the food and leisure industry due to its stiffness, toughness and mechanical dampening ability.