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UHMWPE Sheet : Polyethylene Sheet | PE1000 Grade | Plastic Stockist

Plastic Stockist offers a superb selection of UHMWPE sheet with excellent sliding properties. Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene is known as UHMWPE for short or PE1000 due to its molecular weight. UHMWPE has outstanding abrasion resistance, non sticking, excellent mechanical properties and superior impact strength, even at temperatures below -200°C. These excellent properties means UHMWPE is used for food and beverage machinery, bulk material handling, chemical and mining processing equipment and much more. UHMWPE can be machined into vitually anything from gears, bearings to large sprockets. This PE1000 grade plastic can even outperform steel in sliding applications because of its low coefficient of friction.

Common uses for UHMWPE Sheet (PE 1000)

UHMWPE sheet is used for conveyor guide rails, belt scrapers, chain guides, bearings, sprockets, rollers and wear plates. UHMWPE areas of applications also include chemical tanks, mining processing equipment, bulk material handling, transportation and recreation equipment.